Food on the table

Microbiological analysis of food

It is expected that the food we eat is safe. Croatian Food Act (NN 46/07) defines requirements related to the … more
Hands, Earth, Plant

Soil analysis and plant analysis

Soil analysis - NN 20/2018; Law on Agricultural Land- NN 47/2019; Ordinance on the methodology for monitoring the condition of … more
Water in glasses

Analysis of water for human consumption

Today water can contain many toxic products of human civilization. More than 800 impurities in the water have already been … more
Waste cleaning

Wastewater and sludge analysis

- NN 66/19; Water Act- NN 26/2020; Ordinance on limit values ​​for wastewater emissions- NN 3/2020; Ordinance on special conditions … more
Taking swab of object

Microbiological cleanliness analysis

Control of microbiological cleanliness of the object - taking swabs The microbiological cleanliness of food handling facilities in terms of … more
Plane over agricultural land

Analysis of contaminants

"Contaminant" denotes any substance which is not intentionally added to food and which is present in that food as a … more

Analysis of wine vinegar and spirits

Why analyze something we consume on a daily basis? Fans of a good drink know what they like and what … more
Cosmetics on the table

Cosmetics Analysis

Generally about cosmetics In our daily lives, everyone uses a certain number of cosmetic products, whether we just want to … more
Declaration control

Control and preparation of declarations

Declaration control If a suit is a mirror of a man, then the declaration is a mirror of a food … more
Nutritional values

Determining nutritional value of products

Determining nutritional value of products According to EU Regulation no. 1169/2011 on informing consumers about food, it is mandatory to … more
Drying apples

Analysis of product shelf life

Determining product shelf life - challenge tests There are increasing requirements regarding the length of the shelf life and the … more
Soil u hands

Analysis of organic fertilizers

Organic fertilizers and soil conditioners According to the Law on Fertilizers and Soil Conditioners, certain terms have the following meaning: … more
Writing tools and book

Education and preparation of documentation for HACCP, GMP and IFS

Businesses that deal in food are obliged to establish a system of self-control HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) in … more

Irrigation water analysis

Importance of water in plant production - NN 120/12, 118/18, 42/20; Technological instructions for integrated production of field crops issued … more

Analysis of substrates of biogas plants

- silage, fermenter substrate, digestate, starch water, manure, slurry, brewer's yeast According to the Ordinance on the protection of agricultural … more
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