Analysis of wine vinegar and spirits


Why analyze something we consume on a daily basis?

Fans of a good drink know what they like and what they don't, and they can't be fooled by something of poor quality or spoiled. Timely and proper analysis enables our winemakers to present themselves more easily and better on the wine market and to find their way to new customers and destinations faster.

Besides analytical parameters that can be measured in our laboratory (alcohols, total acids, volatile acids and sulfur) our winemakers can get advice on wine production. Each sample receives a confirmation of the measured parameters as well as an organoleptic evaluation of the wine itself.

Sulfur protects wine, but in excess it can cause headaches, so it is very important to control its concentration.

The same goes for vinegar.

In strong alcoholic beverages, the concentration of methanol is important, which also affects the health of consumers.

In order to improve the quality of the final product, all analyses are conducted in accordance with the following laws and regulations:

  • Wine Law, NN 32/2019
  • Rulebook on wine production NN 02/05, NN0137/08, NN 48/14
  • Ordinance on wine, NN 96/96, NN 7/97, ​​NN 117/97, ​​NN 57/00
  • Ordinance on the conditions for the analysis of must, wine, other grape and wine products, and fruit wines and other products based on fruit wines, NN 102/04, NN 64/05
  • Ordinance on strong alcoholic beverages, NN 61/09, NN 141/09; NN 104/11; NN 86/11; NN 118/12
  • Ordinance on wine and fruit vinegar, NN 121/05, NN 53/06; NN 26/11

Analyses we perform in our laboratory:

  • Sulfur content in wine and vinegar
  • Content of volatile acids in wine and vinegar
  • Total acidity in wine and vinegar
  • Alcohol content in wine, vinegar and spirits
  • Sugar content in wine, vinegar and spirits
  • Total and dry extract in wine
  • Specific density in strong alcoholic beverages
  • Ester content in strong alcoholic beverages
  • Proportion of higher alcohols in spirits
  • Methanol content in spirits
  • Aldehyde content in strong alcoholic beverages
  • Ash content in vinegar
  • Total and dry extract in vinegar
  • Clarifications in wine and spirits
  • Microbiological analysis
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