About Us

Labosan ltd is a company founded in 2009 and based on many years of experience in the field of food safety and cosmetics.

The Labosan team understands all elements of traceability from production to the end user extremely well, which ensures simple and efficient data management and best results in analytical testing and consulting. Our solutions are simple, logical and useful.

We have many years of experience in determining product sustainability and preparing and creating product declarations.

By analyzing soil and plant material, we help producers achieve high and stable yields of agricultural crops, with the least possible investment of materials, energy, and with their highest efficiency ("economic optimization"), while protecting agroecosystems, environment and biosphere in general.

The partners we work with are farmers, food and beverage producers, cosmetics producers and importers, distributors of food and beverage and caterers.

We can offer microbiological analyzes, parasitological analyzes, detection of heavy metals, bioresidues (antibiotics and sulfonamides), presence of pesticides, chemical quality analysis, caloric analysis of meals, determination of physical and chemical parameters of soil, soil sampling, recommendations for fertilization of all agricultural crops and soil repair measures, soil fertility control, quality control of agricultural products, education of farmers and more.

Working with Labosan can improve your business. Click on the service category for more information. If you want to talk to us, send us an email or give us a call; we will be happy to help you.

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