Education and preparation of documentation for HACCP, GMP and IFS

Writing tools and book

Businesses that deal in food are obliged to establish a system of self-control HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) in accordance with the Ordinance on the rules of establishing systems and procedures based on the principles of HACCP system (NN 68/2105), which is prescribed by the Law on food.

Facilities under sanitary supervision are controlled by the sanitary inspection, while facilities under veterinary supervision are controlled by the veterinary inspection, which may impose fines on the business that deals in food if it has not included the system of self-control in its' business processes.

Businesses that deal in food can prepare the necessary documentation themselves and create the system with the help of instructions available on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture or the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. If you still do not know many regulations, we can prepare documentation and establish a HACCP system for you and in cooperation with you, depending on the type of business, scope of work and customer needs.

GMP or Good manufacturing practice is mandatory for all producers of food or items for general use. The obligation to establish a GMP system in the production of cosmetic products is prescribed by Regulation 1223: 2009. In principle, it implies a description of the production space and the production process with the practical keeping of production records. We can provide you with professional assistance in the preparation of documentation and implementation of the system for the scope of work to deal with and accompany you in further mandatory activities.

The most complex product safety standards are IFS (International Food Standard) and BRC (British Retail Consortium). Most manufacturers who wanted to market their products through large retail chains, was asked to certify their production in accordance with the requirements of these standards. Our colleagues themselves have worked in production, created and implemented these standards and are well acquainted with them. Therefore, we can offer you competent assistance if you want to join manufacturers who operate in accordance with the above standards.

For all the above standards and systems, we offer educational assistance or the preparation of complete documentation.

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