Labosan, mikrobiološki laboratorij za ispitivanje ispravnosti hrane, vode za piće, kozmetičkih proizvoda.



Labosan – laboratory

Objavljeno: 22.09.2010.

Labosan d.o.o. is an accredited laboratory whose main scope of activity is laboratory analysis of food, animal feed, water and items of common use.



Objavljeno: 22.09.2010.

Our mission is to improve the culture of healthy and safe nutrition! Always and in every moment we are open to the needs of our customers.



Objavljeno: 22.09.2010.

Our partners are food producers, importers, distributors and caterers.



Objavljeno: 22.09.2010.

Particular attention is paid to communication. We want our customers to look forward to communicate with us and to contact us with confidence.



Objavljeno: 22.09.2010.

In our work we are driven by quality and in accordance with such policy, we strive to provide the best possible service to our partners.



Objavljeno: 22.09.2010.

We also have experience in determining sustainability of products and creating labels for food products.