Labosan, Microbiological laboratory for analyses of foods, water and chemical products.

Mission and vision

Our mission is to improve the culture of healthy and safe nutrition!

Laboratory strategy is the acceptance of quality standards, management and employee commitment to a modern approach to business with constant research of trends and risk assessment. Be different from others! Identify the customer’s needs.


Particular attention is paid to communication.

Always and in every moment we are open to the needs of our customers. We will invest all of our knowledge and experience, in helping customers find answers to every question, as soon as possible. We want our customers to look forward to communicate with us and to contact us with confidence.


The key values of our business are our employees!

Satisfied employees are essential to the quality of services and business in general.

Therefore, we provide a pleasant working environment with a modern organization. We encourage open communication and creativity and provide easy access to information. We are committed to education, because without knowledge there is no progress.